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Super-Cheap Chili Cheese Fries at Tommy's Original in Lake Forest TODAY. NOW!

UPDATE: See bottom of post for update to "password" for discount!

Tommy's Original, home of some of the best late-night hangover food thought of by Homo Sapiens, is warming up for its 65th anniversary next year by rolling back the price of its chili cheese fries to 65 cents at select locations every Tuesday. Today, it's the Lake Forest and Henderson, Nevada stores.

Say the word "Koulax" to get the special deal on the chili cheese fries. In case you didn't know, Tommy Koulax founded the chain in 1946 and has been making that chili that you love or hate ever since.

Personally, I love the chili: spicy, starch-thickened, and sure to slide down your gullet real slow just like the traffic on the 5 freeway at the El Toro exit, which--coincidentally--is where you exit to get today's special.

It's just after 10 a.m., people--if you start drinking now, you can get a solid hangover going before today's special ends at 10 p.m.

UPDATED 11:53 a.m.-- According to Tommy's Twitter feed, today's word is "1946," not "Koulax."

Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburgers, 24310 Swartz Dr., Lake Forest, (949) 380-4366


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