Summer Is Soooo Over--and Pumpkin is Back!--at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

We've barely gotten over the summer and already it feels like we're deep into fall. Perhaps it's the browning leaves and the chilly nights, or the invites to festive-season press parties that are already starting to clog up my inbox.

But there's one autumn tradition that none of us will ever get sick of: Pumpkin pie. I nearly had some yesterday, at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana, but the fact that they were out of hot water put paid to that (somehow it didn't seem the same paired with a plastic beaker of lemonade).

So it'll have to be the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which, from tomorrow, is serving up some favorite fall hot bevies--Pumpkin Ice Blended and Pumpkin Latte--as well as four newbies--Warm Apple Cider, Spiced Honey Apple Cider, Apple Tea Latte and Caramel Apple Ice Blended (the last two are pictured). Apparently, the latter tastes "just like a slice of old fashion apple pie." So I'll be having that instead then, as, just as my lookalike Linda Evangelista once said, I prefer to eat rather than drink my calories.


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