Subway Trying to Upscale by Unveiling Subway Cafe

Subway Trying to Upscale by Unveiling Subway Cafe

What is wrong with our mega-chains? Why must they disavow their fast-food roots and try to turn into a combination of Starbucks and Panera? First, it was McDonald's with their years-long campaign to make their McCafe concept as ubiquitous as Grimace; now, Subway is testing out Subway Café, a concept that's as as ostensibly high-falutin' as it sounds.

There are already 15 locations,

according to Nation's Restaurant News

, with more planned. "In addition to the standard Subway breakfast and traditional menus," writes reporter Paul Frumkin, "the café concept offers a variety of baked goods, hot and cold espresso drinks, coffee, hot and iced chai latte, hot chocolate and frozen blended beverages."

Sorry, Subway, but the only reason your company exists is because office drones want to buy fast, fat sandwiches and haven't yet discovered bánh mìs. Numerous other coffee shops already exists--why don't you concentrate on improving the submarine sandwich in America, the sandwich you helped ruin, and leave the caffeine to other fiends?

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