Watch what you ask for; it could get your ass kicked!
Watch what you ask for; it could get your ass kicked!
Edwin Goei

Subway Customer Fights Over Lack of Ketchup on Cheesesteak

While Edwin reported the creamy sriracha testing in Santa Ana yesterday, other news was going down in Orange County-- Orlando, that is. A disagreement erupted inside of a Subway outlet at Wal-Mart, resulting in a 911 call.

Luis Martinez was ordering at his local sandwich chain yesterday when he made an unfortunate condiment request. His to-go order quickly escalated to drive-by status when one Lawrence Ordone didn't like what he heard. Seriously?

Martinez asked for American cheese, onions and ketchup on his Philly Cheesesteak (per Martinez, "I'm from South Jersey, so, you know, I'm a connoisseur"), to which Ordonez replied that they don't carry ketchup. According to Ordonez, this is a fact. But since they were already in a Wal-Mart, picking up your own bottle isn't out of the question, y'all. Obscenities and threats ensued, causing the call to authorities.

We think Ordonez pretty much sums it up when he says, "You know, that's like the dumbest thing in the world. You really call the cops over not getting ketchup over Philly cheesesteak? It just shows how dumb people really are in this world." True that.

To check out the full report, click here for the video from Yahoo! News.

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