Strike A Light! Fresh & Easy Staying True To Its British Roots

Strike A Light! Fresh & Easy Staying True To Its British Roots

A slew of brands from Blighty, many of them truly iconic, are about to hit F&E's shelves. According to the company's official Twitter site, 'customers asked, we listened.' So, what exactly did they ask for?

Here's a little rundown of what to expect (trust me, they taste better than they sound!)

Marmite: a love-it-or-hate-it thick, salty spread. Delish on toast.

Heinz Salad Cream: a weird, pale yellow sauce. Kids love it in sandwiches (on its own).

HP Sauce: a tangy, fruity brown sauce that's perfect for dipping big fat chips (fries!) into.

Heinz Baked Beans: baked haricot beans in a bland yet slightly sweet orange-colored sauce. Best eaten on toast or as part of a fry-up (fried breakfast).

Pickled onions (generic; F&E's will be own brand): exactly as they sound.

Colman's Mustard: so hot it'll take your head off. Marvelous with sausages.

Ploughman's pickle (Branston is best, but F&E's will be own brand): crunchy veg in a thick, sweet sauce. Goes great in a cheese sandwich.

Malt vinegar (generic; F&E's will be own brand): the vinegar of choice for sprinkling on fish and chips.

So is there anything missing from the list? I conducted a straw poll of fellow Brits and the answer seems to be: not much. With the possible exception of McVitie's Jamaica Ginger Cake, a moist, dark loaf that has to be devoured in one sitting (or two, if you're feeling healthy). And maybe Paxo sage and onion stuffing (no roast chicken dinner is complete without it). Oh, and Oxo cubes for proper gravy... And, while we're talking gravy, how about some Bisto? OK, so the list is actually interminable...Luckily, the British Grocer in Fullerton stocks all these (cake aside), but F&E has at least covered the biggies.

This photo is courtesy of F&E via its Flickr page. There's plenty more food porn on the slideshow, including spaghetti with turkey meatballs (sexy!) and grill packs of sausages, burgers and chicken (phwoar!).


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