Strickland's To Unveil Mystery Flavor Tonight For International Scavenger Hunt
Edwin Goei

Strickland's To Unveil Mystery Flavor Tonight For International Scavenger Hunt

I admit, I had absolutely no idea what GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) even is until today when I got my weekly e-mail from Strickland's; but apparently it's something you crazy kids are into. It is, from what I've read and seen, a scavenger hunt where participating teams from around the world send in their video and photo submissions of items on the list--Items like #107: witness and document the first meeting of an adopted child with their biological parent.

The grand prize is an "all expense paid adventure to Vancouver, Canada and a chartered seaplane flight to a majestic island with Misha Collins for fish stew, a séance and a Viking surprise..."

And the hunt is happening as we speak, this week, because, well, Shark Week is over and I suppose August is a good time as any.

Item # 146 is apparently "Get your team's new ice cream flavor on sale in an ice cream parlor", which is where Strickland's comes in. They've been asked by a participating team to create a flavor for them. But the flavor will be a mystery until it is revealed today.

Here's their announcement:

We will be announcing our newly-created ice cream and making one batch Thursday, and will only be selling it until we run out. If you wish to be present for the picture/video or would like to show your support for the GISHWHES Team Shaders, please feel free to stop by around 6:00pm.

Here's hoping they ask for Twinkies, because I had it the last time Strickland's did the flavor, and it was glorious, a prize in and of itself!

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