Stonehill Tavern Gets New Executive Chef in Rory Sandoval

For those folks who can still afford it, the Stonehill Tavern at the St. Regis down in Dana Point remains a gorgeous meal, one featuring the trademarks of owner and celebrity chef Michael Mina--trios, a love of American cuisine, high-priced meals that nevertheless justify their cost. But Mina is now going a slightly different direction with the announcement that Rory Sandoval is becoming Stonehill's executive chef.

Sandoval is coming from Portland, which is easy to hate on but does offer great food--and he worked at two restaurants up there.

One of them is his own:


, which is a Spanish tapas place and is a trend that truly hasn't hit OC yet. Another was Giorgio's, which focuses on Northern Italian cuisine. And now, the gushing quote from the press release!

"Working with a chef like Michael Mina is a dream come true, and a highlight of my career," Sandoval told the press release. "Taking the reins at STONEHILL TAVERN [CAPS in the original] is something I'm incredibly proud of, and my goal is to uphold the high standards of this award-winning restaurant."

Snarkiness aside, we welcome Sandoval to OC and wondering what kind of Mexi is he. Cuban? Mexi-Mexi? Something else? Inquiring minds want to know!


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