Mr. Golden Throat himself!
Mr. Golden Throat himself!
fugue @ CC BY-SA 2.0

Stonefire Grill and the Hollywood Charity Horse Show

Stonefire Grill sent us a press release today about their part in the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, an annual equine gala put on by (dramatic chord) WILLIAM SHATNER, whose formative influence on wan, pasty geeks is considerable. This year's charity event, the 20th annual, is May 1, and Stonefire Grill will be catering the event with grilled meats, salad, bread and brownies as an in-kind donation.

There's one small problem from this side of the Orange Curtain: none of the benefiting charities are here in OC. The money is going to Children's Hospital LA, St. Jude's, and other LA children's charities, but not to CHOC. One wonders why they would send the press release to an Orange County-based newspaper.

Regardless, it's still a worthy cause; CHLA, St. Jude's and the other charities are lucky to have such patronage, and Stonefire Grill is to be commended for donating the catering. If you're a fan of the Stonefire Grills in Irvine or Fountain Valley, definitely thank them next time you visit, and maybe put in a plug for CHOC or other Orange County-based children's charities.

Let's just hope William Shatner isn't going to serenade the donors.


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