Stir-Fry Dethrones Tikka Masala As UK's Favorite Dish

Stir-Fry Dethrones Tikka Masala As UK's Favorite Dish
Edwin Goei

It's conventional wisdom that chicken tikka masala, not fish and chips nor bangers and mash, reigned as Britain's favorite dish. Well not anymore. A recent survey of two thousand Brits by the Food Network UK knocked the Indian curry dish off the top spot. British palates, it seems, now prefer Chinese stir fry as their dish of choice.
The research found that "One in five Brits now have it at least once a week, with over two-thirds saying a large part of its appeal is that its far easier to prepare than traditional British cuisine, with the average stir-fry only taking a few minutes to throw together and cook in a wok," the Daily Mail wrote.

I, for one, will believe it when I see Wallace and Gromit stop obsessing about cheese and start cooking with a wok.

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