Stick a Fork In It Welcomes Its Newest Blogger!

Those who are familiar with SAFII might know that I and this blog have been the lucky recipient of tips from Brekkie Fan. She has pointed us to discoveries too many to count.

Before she became one of our most prolific tipsters, I enjoyed reading her passionate, honest, articulate restaurant reviews on her MySpace page (that's how long she's been at it, folks), her current blog and other sites, eventually getting to meet her and getting to know her as a friend. She is, in fact, a friend to everyone in the OC food-blogging community who know her better as Anne Marie Panoringan, her real name.

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing that Anne Marie has finally joined our ranks. This intrepid explorer/eater--who seems to have a sixth sense as to when a new restaurant is about to open, when a food event is just about to be announced, what chef is doing what where--officially became a Forker yesterday.

Her passion, like that of all of us here, is food and restaurants and everything related to it. But she immediately distinguishes herself as the only one of us who has some formal education on the subject (a degree in hotel and restaurant management). 

Her focus here will be to profile unique food producers in Orange County, among other things. Look forward to her columns, starting next week, and please welcome Anne Marie to our humble blog!


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