Starbucks Sells Square's Mobile Credit Card Reader for $10

Starbucks Sells Square's Mobile Credit Card Reader for $10

The coffee giant is now offering Square's credit card reader--a small white plastic gadget that plugs into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad or Android device--for $10 at 7,000 of its cafes. And if you're new to Square you can apply for a $10 rebate, which makes it essentially free. 

So now, say your buddy owes you for the bar bet he lost, but he says he doesn't have any cash handy--ask him to take out his Visa card and swipe! It allows anyone with a smart phone or device, from babysitters, to the guy selling crap at the swap meet to accept credit card payments. Square, the company that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a board member on, will take a 2.75% cut of every transaction.

If you're actually considering this, note that you can order the Square reader for free directly from Square's website. No need to step into a Starbucks, unless you're going to be there to buy some Josh Groban CDs anyway.

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