Starbucks Opens First Juice Bar

Starbucks Opens First Juice Bar

Starbucks, after introducing alcohol to a few test stores, is now going into juices. Its first juice bar will open today in Bellevue, Washington. Called Evolution Fresh, these new stores will sell fresh and bottled fruit and vegetable juices, as well as smoothies, salad, wraps and soups, some of it vegan. The juices will also start showing up in some Starbucks stores later this year.

How well this first store does will determine whether Starbucks will expand Evolution Fresh elsewhere.

The company bought the business from the founder of Naked Juice last November for $30 million in cash. It uses a heat-free, high-pressure pasteurization that purportedly retains more nutrients than conventional pasteurization.

So on one hand, Starbucks has the beginnings of a rudimentary liquor store. On the other, this juice store. When will we see them put their hands together and the public gets a Starbucks-branded mimosa or screwdriver?

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