Starbucks Invests In Mobile Payment Startup

Starbucks Invests In Mobile Payment Startup

Wired Magazine equated the $25 million investment the coffee giant recently made to a mobile startup called Square to when eBay decided to partner with a little startup called PayPal.

The techies are gabbing about how big a deal this is for Square, vaulting them to "it" status with the words "game-changer" and the like. But how will it change or improve your chain-coffee purchasing?

Wired has this description on how the technology will work: 

You're walking down the street. It's hot. The Starbucks a block away sends you a message that your favorite hot-weather order - venti skinny latte on ice -- is available to you at a dollar off. You accept the offer, and with a few taps, add an almond biscotti to the tab. Then you stroll into the Starbucks. Everything is ready when you arrive - you simply pick it up, the barista checks out your [face, which will be beamed to his computer with your order], and you're out the door [without having to touch your wallet].

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