Starbucks Doing Cheap Breakfast Combos?

"Starbucks Launches Cheaper Coffee-and-Food Combos" the article in Reuters was titled, and with it, I saw two words I'd never thought I'd see in the same sentence with the name "Starbucks": Cheaper and Food Combos. 

But that's exactly what they're doing. Why? Well, I.T.E.S (it's the economy stupid). That plus competition from McDonald's. 

To compete with the Egg McMuffin, Buckies is going to offer breakfast and coffee combo meals for $3.95, starting March 3rd. 

"The discounted combinations at Starbucks include a tall latte served with oatmeal or reduced-fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake. Customers can also combine a tall brewed coffee with one of four egg sandwiches." 

But one analyst interviewed for the article warns that "It's possible the program as structured may have some adverse consequences of trading down and may be limited in its appeal as it requires prescribed combinations."

....which in English means: "People might start getting used to the deals and finally realize how much they've been paying for coffee."

I think that's silly.

People have always known that about Starbucks.  

Also, the same week I saw this article I heard a 7-Eleven commercial on the radio that basically mocks Starbucks (though it doesn't mention names) while promoting their own coffee-and-breakfast combo for $1.99.

Your move, Bucky!


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