Sriracha Vodka. It's a Thing.

No one was asking for it, but they made it anyway. Phillips Distilling Company announced yesterday that they've created UV Sriracha Vodka, claiming it to be the "first sriracha flavored vodka to hit the market."

Perhaps it'll be the thing you'll drink to drown your Sriracha sorrows when what's shaping up to be a Huy Fong cock-sauce shortage (due to the court-ordered shut down) actually happens. The liquor is infused with chili and garlic which the bottler says is "the ideal vodka to punch up a bloody mary or any savory drink."

It follows other Sriracha products like lollipops and candy canes, two items that has at least one HuffPo writer penning a list titled "Why We're So Over Sriracha (And 9 Other Foods We Never Want To See Again)"

Someone should probably tell her about the packet of Sriracha that just went up on sale for $10,000 on eBay. Apart from the fact that the seller has titled it "Last Packet Of Sriracha Ever Made (a/k/a Siracha Vietnamese Chili Sauce)", spelling Sriracha two different ways in the same sentence, it isn't even a Huy Fong.

It's the kind of thing you'd fall for if you were, say, drunk on Sriracha vodka.

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