Sriracha Movie Trailer Debuts Online...And Also The Film Itself!

Sriracha Movie Trailer Debuts Online...And Also The Film Itself!
Sriracha-a documentary film by Griffin Hammond

As we wrote way back in May, a filmmaker by the name of Griffin Hammond decided that it was due time someone made the definitive documentary about the hot sauce on everyone's consciousness.

And now not only is the film's trailer available to watch online, but so is the whole 33-minute movie (that is, if you're willing to fork over $5 to Vimeo to do it).

By the look of the trailer, which features Jet Tila, interviews with people in Si Racha (the city in Thailand that inspired the sauce), and an obligatory visit inside the factory, Hammond has covered his bases. Of course, the man everyone wants to see and hear is the wizard himself, David Tran, founder of Huy Fong Foods. Yes, he's in the movie.

You'll want to pay the $5 just to watch him expound hot sauce wisdom like a sage, or at least see if he has anything to say about those irate Irwindale residents who got his factory shut down because of the alleged hot-saucy smells it was emitting.

You can watch the trailer below.

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