Sriracha: Five Etsy Items to Show Your Rooster Sauce Devotion

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It's no secret that around these parts, we really love Sriracha. And other than slathering the spicy Thai condiment on everything from pho to tacos, how else can we show our love for rooster sauce?

We took to Etsy, home of just about handmade-everything-you-can-think-of, to find five awesome Sriracha-related items (that don't resort to tired, racist caricatures) for the hot sauce enthusiast who wants to take it to the next level.  

5. Sriracha Onesie
By iheartanalogue (click to purchase)
Because we can think of more than one friend who'd force their Sriracha love on their offspring.

4. Sriracha Reusable Shopping Bag
By iheartanalogue (click to purchase)
Because you may not always be purchasing a bottle of Sriracha at the market.  

3. 'You're a Hottie!' Card
By printerette press (click to purchase)
Because this might just be the only acceptable situation the word "hottie" may be used.

2. Sriracha-Colored Hand-Dyed Yarn
By portfiber (click
to purchase)
Because you (mostly) do-it-yourself.

1. Cat Toy Set
By PolydactylCats
(click to purchase)
Because even your cat needs to know.


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