Time to scream
Time to scream
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Sprinkles Ice Cream Announces OC Opening Date

A key player to the cupcake trend, Sprinkles Cupcakes expanded their repertoire to include chilly treats and dessert ATMs last year. Once they took over neighboring Gelato Paradiso in November, it was only a matter of time before good news arrived. And just in time for spring break!

If their website is any indicator of what to expect, hit the gym now. In addition to slow churned, organic dairy scoops, folks will melt over their red velvet waffle cones. We're curious about one other menu component: Cookies.

Made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and European-style butter, Sprinkles Ice Cream promises a crisp outside and chewy interior. We can't decide between the snickerdoodle, salted oatmeal cornflake and peanut butter pretzel chip. Heck, we'll order all three. Make that two of each!

Like their cupcake shop, many flavors will rotate during the week. Daily mainstays include butter pecan, cap'n crunch, red velvet, rocky road, salty caramel, thin mint and vanilla bean. We are hankering some malted milk chocolate right about now. So mark your calendar for April 3.

Sprinkles Ice Cream will be located at 952 Avocado Ave (inside Corona del Mar Plaza), Corona del Mar; www.sprinklesicecream.com.

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