Spam More Popular Than Ever

Spam More Popular Than Ever

According to this article in MarketWatch, the demand for Spam has risen. It doesn't go as far as to directly link the increase to the economy, but the implication is there. 

But me?  I'd eat Spam in boom times as well as bust.  I love Spam. And not just because of Monty Python. The mystery meat is my go-to protein of choice to eat with warm rice. Nothing is easier to prepare and satisfies the pangs that yearn for fat, pork and salt.

Since I do eat a lot of it, I have a plea to Costco, my preferred purveyor of bulk-packaged products: Bring back Original Spam! Stop stocking the travesty of that fake Spam called Spam Lite! No one who loves Spam is interested in lower fat and lower sodium. All we taste is deception. If I want a processed-pretend-protein that's healthy, I'd eat a Veggie Burger.


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