A blue box we might be able to afford
A blue box we might be able to afford

South Coast Plaza Opens Sugarfina And Harry & David

If we've learned one thing in recent months, it's that sweets make the world go 'round. Chocolate factories and pastry schools take it to another level, but you can't beat a storefront peddling tasty morsels in fun packaging. Which is exactly why the halls of South Coast Plaza welcomed two heavy hitters for the holidays.

Those who miss Harry & David can rejoice in their temporary home over on Level 1 in Carousel Court. Gourmet edibles, Royal Riviera Pears and . . . .wait for it . . .


From Beverly Hills, Sugarfina's fabulous candy collection sourced from around the world lands in the Bloomingdale's wing on Level 2 through the end of the year. Berries dipped in chocolate, cutesy tasting boxes and champagne gummy bears are surefire ways to impress a host. But you don't have to take our word for it. Get your sugar rush on and see for yourself.

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