Seville oranges at Super Irvine
Seville oranges at Super Irvine

Sour Orange Season Almost Over

Sour oranges caught my eye at the market this weekend not because they're delicious, sweet, or juicy, but because they're none of those. In fact, these hard-to-find fruit are pucker-inducingly sour, bitter, pithy and full of seeds. So what's the appeal?

Seville orange is one cultivar of this aromatic fruit, as is the Bergamot orange that gives Earl Grey tea its unique flavor and bouquet. With an smell similar to pomelo, but with a thick rind that holds together after simmering, Seville oranges make the best marmalade. The tart, citric juice is indispensable for an authentic Cuban mojo criollo. They're also used in Persian cooking as one of many souring agents in a cuisine that loves the sour flavor profile.

Find out where to get them, after the jump!

I called several OC Latino markets to ask if they have

naranjas agrias

, and suprisingly, none had them. Jon's Marketplace in Huntington Beach and any of the González Northgate Markets can special order them for you, but two Persian markets have them on hand right now. Prices will fluctuate, but should be around 89 cents to 99 cents per pound.

The season for this fruit is nearly over. Crank up the "voulez-vous coucher avec moi" and get your marmalade on, while you can.

Super Irvine, 14120 Culver Dr., Ste. D, Irvine, (949) 954-5219.
Wholesome Choice, 18040 Culver Dr., Irvine, (949) 551-4111; also at 5755 E. La Palma Ave.,
Anaheim, (714) 779-7000.


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