Sophisticated Thieves Hijack Tomatoes, Cucumbers in Florida

Sophisticated Thieves Hijack Tomatoes, Cucumbers in Florida

Hot on the tail of my "Comida Critic" article yesterday about tomato dishes, The New York Times today tells a fascinating, disturbing tale that further shows we're in the midst of something worse than the Great Recession: Thieves are targeting cargo trucks loaded with the juicy orbs because the price of tomatoes is so damn high.

"Late last month, a gang of thieves stole six tractor-trailer loads of tomatoes and a truck full of cucumbers from Florida growers," writes William Neuman in his tight, well-written piece. "They also stole a truckload of frozen meat. The total value of the illegal haul: about $300,000."

Some of those contraband tomatoes are apparently heading for California, so let the buyer beware ... and why are the prices so high? Because the United States nowadays depends on Mexico to grow its winter crop of tomatoes. Buy with the seasons, people.

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