Soon To Be Sold in Pouches: Campbell's Soup and Heinz Ketchup

Soon To Be Sold in Pouches: Campbell's Soup and Heinz Ketchup

Pretty soon Campbell soup cans will be a relic everyone associates with that iconic Andy Warhol masterpiece, not something you pick up at the grocery store. Same thing with ketchup bottles, which already has metamorphosed from glass bottles to those upside down squeezable plastic ones in recent years.

Now the Los Angeles Times has reported that both Campbell's and Heinz are about to introduce their products in pouches not unlike what Capri Sun uses for their juice drinks.

At Campbell's they're using the new packaging to market a new line of trendy soups with flavors like coconut with chicken and shiitake mushrooms. Slated for a summer launch, Campbell's Go Soup targets that coveted age group of 18-34-year-olds, who the LA Times says "tend to associate its iconic red-and-white cans with Grandma's house." 

Heinz's new pouch packaging, on the other hand, is offered as value-minded smaller alternative to bigger bottles that one can never hope of finishing. 

It will probably be a long time before Campbell soup cans and Heinz ketchup bottles become eBay collector's items of the past...but maybe you should start hoarding them now.

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