SoCal Restaurant Show For this Week on KLAA-AM 830: Looking to 2014, SOL Cocina, and More!

SoCal Restaurant Show For this Week on KLAA-AM 830: Looking to 2014, SOL Cocina, and More!

Another weekend, another show with superstar chef Jet Tila on KLAA-AM 830. We turn the keyboard over to show producer Andy Harris--enjoy!

"SoCal Restaurant Show" -December 28, 2013

-10:00 a.m. to 10:13 a.m.

Good news...No long lines and absolutely nothing to take back on this Saturday's show. It's just incredibly tasty entertainment for the ears with the usual assortment of great guests.

Chef Jet and Producer Andy preview the show. This week we're taking a look back and also looking forward to 2014. Hollywood, millions of redevelopment dollars later, is again a dining and entertainment hot spot and we're chatting with the energetic Executive Chef of the historic Yamashiro about what's new on the menu there. Our ultimate Las Vegas insider, Brock Radke, is with us talking about his favorite new restaurants of the year. What's trending in food for 2014 ? Chef Jet and Producer Andy share their revealing thoughts.

Happy New Year to all and wishing our loyal listeners all the very best in dining adventures in 2014! Get out there...

- 10:16 a.m. to 10:27 a.m.

Executive Chef Deborah Schneider is the acclaimed author of five well-received cookbooks (a sixth is on the way) and a partner in the highly regarded SOL Mexican Cocina on the Bay in Newport Beach (and in Scottsdale.) Over the years she has become the go-to authority on the cuisine and libations of Baja California and, more recently, other culinary regions of Mexico. One of her specialties is the tasty street food of Baja. Do I hear Street Tacos ?

Newly opened this week is Chef Deb's latest venture, solita tacos & margaritas, facing a pocket park and fountain in Huntington Beach's Bella Terra Center. It's a neighborhood-casual Mexican spot with an authentic food experience representing the most appreciated culinary aspects from the coast of Baja and other culinary regions of Mexico Chef Deb has visited and researched extensively.

"What makes solita so unique is that we incorporated a wood grill like so many we have enjoyed in Mexico, and created a menu around it that offers fresh, simple preparations made with seasonal ingredients," explains Chef Deb.

The bar takes an equally fresh approach to traditional Mexican libations. All margaritas are made with 100 per cent blue agave tequilas and the fruit used is all fresh. The only sweetener in the beverages is agave.

-10:30 a.m. to 10:42 a.m.

A Hollywood landmark, Yamashiro, celebrates their 100th birthday in 2014. If you haven't been there in awhile it's time to perhaps take another look.

Brock Kleweno, the energetic Executive Chef and General Manager, joins us to talk about the rich history of the spot and the new commitment to fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. There is lots more than fresh sushi to merit your attention here.

If you think Yamashiro Hollywood is the spot to just take out-of-town guests for a classic cocktail and the view you may just want to change your opinion after listening to Chef Brock

-10:45 a.m. to 10:58 a.m.

Executive Chef Brock Kleweno of Yamashiro returns for a second segment.

Chef Brock personally does a lot of sourcing of his menu ingredients at the area Farmers Markets and actually operates a nighttime Farmers Market @ Yamashiro. May will mark their 5th year of hosting a Farmers Market there on Thursday evenings which has become quite a popular destination on its own drawing some 800 to 1,000 guests each Thursday night during the season.

One of Chef Brock's signatures dishes is a Wagu beef steak cooked at a very high temperature on a salt rock and presented with flair at the table. It finishes cooking at the table. Other standouts are the ceviche prepared with local sustainable fish and his take on Hawaiian poke.

They are also serious about the bar at Yamashiro. They prepare all the classic cocktails with style plus contemporary libations. They have some fun with the Manhattan as well as a fresh take on the Mai Tai (which was originally created in California.) They also do a standout version of the classic Moscow Mule served in the proper chilled copper mug which actually originated in Hollywood!

11:00 a.m. to 11:12 a.m.

If you're looking for action New Year's Eve then Las Vegas is always a festive party with real fireworks. Our insider in Las Vegas, Brock Radke, joins us to talk about the newly launched Container Park development in Downtown (with unusual shops and restaurants) along with a couple of suggestions for great New Year's Eve dining. Brock is the Food Editor for Las Vegas Weekly. Catch Brock's special year-end column in Las Vegas Weekly on-line naming his 13 best new restaurants in Las Vegas for 2013. The intriguing selections are both on and off The Strip! Twitter : @BrockRadke

11:15 a.m. to 11:27 a.m.

Thinking about Food Trends for 2014 ? We have...Just for fun Chef Jet and Producer Andy have put together their lists of Top Trends in Food for the New Year.

Each developed their list without consulting the other. Also the items will not be discussed between Chef Jet and Producer Andy before air. That's live radio...I'm sure there will be a few surprises.

11:30 a.m. to 11:42 a.m.

Chef Jet and Producer Andy continue with their Top 10 list of Food Trends for 2014. Expect a few surprises...

11:45 a.m. to 11:56 a.m.

JC Clow is the standout Managing Partner of The Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar in the District in Tustin. 2014 will mark their 7th year of operation.

The Orange County Concierge Association has just awarded them the distinction of "Restaurant of the Year." The news is actually more significant than that. This is the 3rd time in six years that this prestigious award has been earned by them ! That's a wow.

If you're looking for a non-stuffy, sophisticated and elegant New Year's Eve celebration The Winery has two seatings that are reasonably priced and designed for the comfort of the guests. The Winery's goal on New Year's eve is never to pack the house!

The second seating is a four course menu from Chef Yvon, live entertainment and party favors.

JC caps 2013 off by updating us on the new Winery Restaurant and Wine Bar coming to Newport Beach by Valentine's Day in 2014. It's right on the Bay.

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