Snoop Plays 'The Baker' in New Hot Pockets YouTube Spot

"The Baker"
"The Baker"
Hot Pockets

It's always nice to see a brand focusing on their core fans, much like Hot Pockets did when they released a new commercial on Oct. 7 stylized after Biz Markie hit "Just a Friend, " featuring Snoop Dogg, Kate Upton, YouTube Star KevJumba, Oliver Cooper and Bow Wow.

The commercial follows Kate Upton through a Hot Pocket-induced fever dream, where she's guided first by "The Baker," who's in charge of Hot Pocket crusts and is played by Snoop. The Baker takes Upton on a tour of the "Sky High Bakery" with a stop in his garden, where he grows his "fantastical herbs."

The Sky High Bakery's garden of "fantastical herbs"
The Sky High Bakery's garden of "fantastical herbs"
Hot Pockets

Not everything is hunky-dory in Hot Pocket land, however, as "The Butcher," played by Cooper, soon interrupts, accusing The Baker of "baking too long."

Then some other stuff happens.

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Anyone else getting the munchies yet?

The commercial, which might be the most reference-dense commercial ever, was released in conjunction with a recipe change. Hot Pockets, which were originally created by UC Irvine Trustee Paul Merage and his brother David in the late 70s, now feature "premium" cuts of meat, real cheese, and numerous new crusts. Woo.

Great as that is, I'm not too sure their target audience cares too much about quality. Who can tell after some fantastical herbs, really?

Check out the commercial below:

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