Snakebite at Durty Nelly's
Jessica Ford

Snakebite at Durty Nelly's

Conveniently located down the street from the OC Weekly office, Durty Nelly's is an after-work hangout with cold beer on tap and surprisingly good pub food for a place tucked into an office park. If the chili, a Wednesday special, or fried mac and cheese bites aren't tempting enough, come for the pub's specialty beer drinks.

The list contains everything from a Half and Half, half stout and half pale lager, to a Shandy, half lager and half lemon-lime soda, but the one to try is the Snakebite. It is equal parts cider and lager served in a pint glass.

You can choose which lager you would like to be used in this beer cocktail, but Stella Artois is the best option when it comes to mixing in another ingredient, especially cider. A Shandy can become too sweet with the sugar-loaded soda, but a Snakebite adds only a light kick to the lager.

Enjoy one Snakebite and then move on to your favorite draft beer. Consuming more than a pint or two of cider will leave you (and your head) regretting the decision in the morning. Trust me.


Durty Nelly's, 2915 Red Hill Ave., Costa Mesa, (714) 957-1951;



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