Slice Deli And Cakery Opens in Fountain Valley

A new bakery and deli called Slice has opened in Fountain Valley.

Slice's kitchen house cures the pastrami for a sandwich it calls "The Pastrami-Mami" but also serves a banh mi called "The 'Bomb' Mi" with porchetta on a hoagie. There are about 9 sandwiches in all ranging in price from $9-$12. The rest of the menu is rounded out with mains that include a lamb T-bone, a Tomahawk pork chop, and steak—all between $11-$17.

The executive chef is Julio de Leon who cut his teeth at Solita in Huntington Beach.

Slice also has taps pouring mostly local beers including Bootleggers, Bottle Logic and 4 Sons. And if you want a custom cake made for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, or whatever, Slice can do that too. One of its owners, Natalie Burke, used to have a custom cake business. Slices of Burke's cakes are, quite appropriately, also offered as dessert at the restaurant.

8780 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, California, (714) 401-9334;

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