He secretly wants to say, "Please pack your knives and go."
He secretly wants to say, "Please pack your knives and go."
Meranda Carter

Slapfish Wants To Name A Dish After YOU!

When we ran into Slapfish owners Andrew Gruel and Jethro Naude at Slater's 50/50 recently, they were more than happy to discuss the progress being made on their upcoming brick and mortar. In fact, Andrew busted out his iPad to show a promotion of epic proportions (for the winner) they were finalizing.

Beginning this week, the men are staging a culinary "Top Fish" contest for their loyal fans. The prize: Not only will the dish be the namesake of the lucky guy or gal, but they'll be able to feast on it for free on every visit. Huntington Beach groupies, get on your mark!
Contenders will not be required to undergo a competitive eating round in order to qualify. In fact, this particular event requires creativity in lieu of stretchy pants. We wouldn't expect any less from our sustainable experts. And so come the rules. . . .

The first step is easy enough -- Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. That's a deal breaker. After that, well, that's where the imagination kicks in. Give 'em a recipe worthy of greatness. Make it tasty, give it soul, but most importantly, use sustainable seafood. Oh, and it should be an entree or appetizer.

All submissions should be emailed to chef@slapfishsocal.com. A & J will test all recipes for taste, originality and appearance (we don't really know for sure, but it sounds good). The winner will have bragging rights for four months; just enough time to tell all your friends and family, write a review, and update your profile picture.

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