Bear necessity
Bear necessity

Singapore-Based Duke Bakery Opens in Irvine

In August, I wrote about the Duke Bakery planned for Costa Mesa in the same plaza as The Halal Guys. In that post, I mentioned that it will be the first outlet of the Singapore-based 85 Degrees-like chain to open in OC.

Well, I was wrong. The Duke Bakery in Irvine has gone and beat it to the punch.

So if you can't wait for the Costa Mesa one, but don't want to drive to Rowland Heights or Arcadia, the Irvine branch of Duke is currently in soft opening mode, located at 15435 Jeffrey Rd. Set 105, in the same plaza as Clay Oven and I-Tea Cafe.

But if you've never been and are curious on what a Singaporean Bakery actually makes, check out the website, which details a few specialties including a bread called "bear paw" that actually looks like a bear paw...well, okay, a teddy bear's paw.

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