Shore House Cafe in Long Beach Closed?

Shore House Cafe in Long Beach Closed?
Jessica Ford

Huntington Beach's Shore House Cafe closed last summer. The Seal Beach one bit the dust around the same time, citing "redevelopment plans by property ownership." The Shore House Cafe in San Clemente isn't called that anymore, revamping itself as something called The Shore.

Now, according to The Long Beach Gazette's Darcy Leigh Richardson, the Shore House Cafe in Long Beach may be next. She reports that the 24-hour restaurant was summarily shut down this past Monday, with windows covered, doors locked up and a sign that said "closed for remodeling," all allegedly done without informing some of its employees.

The Gazette quotes an unnamed Shore House worker who said, "We were told nothing of the closure until the girl scheduled to work at 6 a.m. went to work (Monday) and found herself locked out. . . . I arrived at 7:30 a.m. and saw all the cooks moving all the food and furniture out the back door and loading it into vans."

Read The Gazette's full story HERE.

The Newport Beach Shore House Cafe remains open.

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