Commence eye roll.EXPAND
Commence eye roll.
Edwin Goei

Shiso Naughty at Ra Sushi, Our Drink of the Week!

It always happens. Whether or not I have any intention going to Ra Sushi whenever I'm wandering The District in Tustin, I somehow always end up there. There are several practical reasons. The happy hour lasts until 7 p.m., which is as late as Auld Dubliner across the way. But ultimately, it's the guilt over my previous day's caloric intake that makes its sushi win out over Auld Dubliner's fish and chips.

Predictably, the sushi wasn't great, especially the Viva Las Vegas Roll, a deep-fried abomination that seems to have been put together from the spare parts of other rolls. But the drink I sipped to wash it down made up for it.

Despite being named Shiso Naughty, an eye-roll inducing name if ever there was one, the pink liquid—made from Skyy Pineapple Vodka, X-rated Liquor, yuzu and shiso—tasted as though it was an alcoholic version of a bottle of Snapple Kiwi-Strawberry. It's sticky. It's sweet. And it's probably be the only thing I'll be ordering the next time I inevitably end up here.

Ra Sushi at The District, 2401 Park Ave., Tustin, (714) 566-1700


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