Share Your Farrell's Memories
John Gilhooley

Share Your Farrell's Memories

Ah, Farrell's. If there's anything that is more entwined into the American experience, it would have to be McDonald's. It seems that if you were alive during its heyday in the '70s and '80s, chances are good you had a birthday or other significant life event celebrated here with guys dressed up to look like The Music Man. Like I mentioned in my review, everyone, it seems, has had a Farrell's-related memory--even Rick Warren, as Gustavo posted earlier.

So what's yours? After reading these two selected memories (see them after the jump) from people I asked to recollect, feel free to share you own, fond  or otherwise.

Frequent tipster, Brekkie Fan, said:

"I grew up with a Farrell's in my hometown (Daly City, CA), right next door to a Pizza & Pipes. The best memories typically involve the ginormous and deafening drum that they would beat whenever it was someone's birthday. Farrell's represented my childhood: colorful and entertaining."

And another friend said:

"I don't remember much about the birthdays I celebrated at Farrell's as a kid, but one memory does stick out. They used to give out these cardboard mustaches for everyone to wear, and one kid got his stuck up his nose, which then started bleeding like a faucet. That I remember!"


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