Seventh Tea Bar Debuts Steampunk Brewing Tomorrow With Twitter Giveaway

Seventh Tea Bar Debuts Steampunk Brewing Tomorrow With Twitter Giveaway
Anne Marie Panoringan

While folks are hardcore about their lattes, we mildly obsess over Seventh Tea Bar's newest contraption: Alpha Dominche's Steampunk 4.0. It's got brains and beauty, like many of our Weekly counterparts.

Admittedly, some of the terminology is over our heads. Owner/Mad ScientistJeff Duggan got all Alton Brown with us as he discussed negative pressure, ultra-consistent profiled agitation and temperature stability. What we took away was the idea that up to four teas could be brewed simultaneously, all under different controlled temperatures. The process began with pre-heating our water, and ended with aforementioned negative pressure flushing our scalding liquid through a piston, straining the flavors of a first (and second, or even third) extraction.

To share the knowledge and love of their new toy, the gang at Seventh is offering an opening day special. The first 25 customers to tweet @AlphaDominche Hello #ADSteampunk (and show it to the barista) will receive a free cup of tea made specifically on the Steampunk 4.0. That takes care of your morning fix. Celebrate the win by purchasing an Earl grey truffle, and that's the start of a good weekend.

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