Send a Pinkberry 'Swirly Gram' This Valentine's (and Enter to Win a Gift Card!)

Send a Pinkberry 'Swirly Gram' This Valentine's (and Enter to Win a Gift Card!)

Too practical for roses (still wrapped in cellophane from Albertson's)?

This year, Pinkberry is offering the chance to send out Swirly Grams--frozen yogurt (or a gift card) wrapped up in a bow, delivered with some heart-shaped balloons. It's all actually pretty cute and could work for anybody with a sweet tooth (and that's, like, everyone, right?).

After the jump: More info and a gift card giveaway.

Three varieties of Swirly Grams are available:

  • The Swirly Spree: A gift-wrapped Pinkberry gift card for any amount.
  • Cupid's Swirl, $10: Your choice of original yogurt paired with toasted almonds, strawberries and dark-chocolate crisps; blood-orange yogurt with blood-orange pieces and waffle cookie; or chocolate yogurt with brownie bites, raspberries and shaved milk chocolate.
  • Take Me Home, $20: A 24-ounce to-go container of yogurt of your choice from the three combinations above. Toppings on the side!

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The Swirly Grams are available to be hand-delivered within a specified delivery radius of all U.S. stores (check the website to see if your areas of choice qualify). Swirly Gram packages can also be picked up in stores through Monday, Feb. 14 while supplies last.

Giveaway time: Leave your e-mail address in the comments below to be entered to win a $10 Pinkberry gift card. 

Sound like something you want to do? Visit Pinkberry's official website for more info.

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