Second 85°C Bakery Café To Open in August

Second 85°C Bakery Café To Open in August
Edwin Goei

If you recall, I wrote earlier this summer that
85°C Bakery Café, the Taiwanese bakery that introduced squid ink bread and lines as persistent as those at the unemployment office, has plans to open a second outlet in the U.S. Now they've set a date for the opening.
As reported by Eater LA, that date is August 13th.

The store is located at 17170 Colima Rd. in Hacienda Heights, kitty corner to the Puente Hills Mall, and across the street from the wonderful Chinese joint called Earthen with its onion pancakes and the reincarnated Mongolian hot pot champion, Little Sheep.

Though this newest store is squarely in LA county territory, it's close enough to those on the fringes of Orange County. I'm talking to you Guadalahabrans. No need to drive down to Irvine anymore to wait in line. You can do it in your neck of the woods. Start now.

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