Seabirds Truck Honored by PETA

Seabirds Truck Honored by PETA

OCMetro reports that the Seabirds Truck has been honored by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as one of the five most animal-friendly food truck in the nation. In a rare collision of PETA and good taste, they have chosen Seabirds for vegan cuisine that actually tastes good.

In my review of the truck last year, I gave them props for the beer-battered avocado taco and the jackfruit taco, which threw my carnivorous mouth for a loop. Someone at PETA has a set of tastebuds, and we're grateful for that. The question is, if Seabirds parks next to BACON MANia at a clustertruck in Irvine, do they cancel each other out?

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