Scottish-Themed Breastaurant Gets OK To Open In Orange
Kevin Lara

Scottish-Themed Breastaurant Gets OK To Open In Orange

The Register wrote today that The Tilted Kilt, a breastaurant in the same vein as Hooters but with a Scottish theme, has been approved to move into the empty space vacated by Johnny Carino's at the Stadium Promenade Center in Orange at 1625 W. Katella Ave.

It will be the first Tilted Kilt in OC. The closest Tilted Kilt to our fair county thus far has been the one in Long Beach near Belmont Shore.

Though the Orange Police Department objected the move citing that the restaurant's predominantly male, drunk and presumably horny customers are going to be nothing but trouble, the Planning Commission approved the application, even allowing them to remain open until 2 a.m.

As for the food (as if you really cared about that), here's what I wrote about the Long Beach location:

Haggis and corned beef are absent here. The food consists of mostly proven American standards, repackaged and retitled with Irish and Scottish-sounding names. A decent burger with a thick, well-charred patty is dubbed "Big Arse," a French dip is renamed an Irish Dip, and there's a meatloaf sandwich called "The Fat Bastard" à la the Scottish character featured by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers series. The menu reads, "Get in my belly!" right below its name. The Scotsman who takes issue with this probably hasn't noticed that Braveheart only has a wimpy salad named after it. A salad!

To read the rest of the review, CLICK HERE.

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