Scots Brew World's New Strongest Beer: Snake Venom Ale

Of course it's the Scots who are brewing the world's strongest beer. Lewis Shand and John McKenzie, the two owners of Brewmeister Brewery in Scotland, broke the world record for strongest beer on Oct. 24 with their new strong ale, "Snake Venom."

The 67.5% abv beer took some science to create; it's brewed with smoked peat malt and two types of yeast, beer yeast and champagne yeast. Afterwards, the beer is frozen, and ice crystals are removed to strengthen the beer even further. It isn't carbonated and each bottle comes with its own warning label.

This much alcohol doesn't come without a price; one 275 ml bottle comes in at £50, with an additional £13.99 for shipping to the United States -- a total of just over $100. Worth it? Well, it's expensive, but I'm still tempted.

While Brewmeister isn't winning any awards for their brewery-naming creativity, world records aren't unfamiliar territory for the Scots. Snake Venom broke Brewmeister's own previous world record for strongest beer, their 65% abv "Armageddon" strong ale. The brewery decided to go even higher when some of their fans complained that Armageddon didn't taste strong enough.

Glad to know everyone has their priorities in order.

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