Score Free Confetti Ice Tomorrow!
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Score Free Confetti Ice Tomorrow!

Anniversaries are the best! We smile. We celebrate. And often times, there are gifts. Tokens of our appreciation. I think people use them as an excuse to party down, not that there's anything wrong with that. Confetti Italian Ice & Custard seems to agree.

Can you believe they've been open a whole year? After my initial visit, I was more than happy to find reasons excuses to go after dinner (or before, for that matter). We made it one of our Top 100 for a reason.

So the deal this Saturday is this: A free mini parfait of your choice. That's it. Sure, you have to go between noon and 11, but those are operating hours. Lines are typically kinda long. And icy desserts are one of those treats people don't mind having, even during the stormy weather forecasted this weekend. Oh, and be sure to feed Pancho!

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