Schrodinger's Restaurant: Is Chimayo Open or Closed?

Schrodinger's Restaurant: Is Chimayo Open or Closed?

UPDATED with the official status of the restaurant.

"Didn't you say Chimayo closed?" asked my wife.

"Yeah, Edwin blogged about it. They closed right before Christmas."

"So why would they buy a print ad for New Year's Eve?"

Sure enough, on page 19 of the New Year's Eve guide in this week's print edition of OC Weekly, there was a quarter-page ad for Chimayo's NYE celebration. WTF?

So is it open or is it closed? Has it been given a reprieve, or are these the last gasps of a restaurant that's been changed more times than a litter box at a kitten mill?

On the "still open" side, OpenTable is still accepting reservations and the recorded message still talks about Tuesday night specials and Sunday brunch; on the negative side, nobody picked up the phone last night or this morning at hours when there should have been staff with time to do so.

So has it been spared the ax, perhaps temporarily? Someone finally answered the phone and confirmed the sale; as of right now, Chimayo is open for business while the transition is worked out. Stay tuned for the next installment in As The Pier Turns.

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