Schools Crack Down On Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Schools Crack Down On Flamin' Hot Cheetos

For teachers and school officials, there is no snack more reviled than Flamin' Hot Cheetos.  

They're unhealthy and messy (that addicting red powder gets everywhere) and kids can't get enough of the stuff.  It makes them crazy and causes them to burst into song.   

Now ABC News reports that school districts in California and beyond are trying to ban hot Cheetos from their campuses. They're removing the snack bags from their menus, claiming they're a health hazard, especially when students eat them as a replacement for lunch. In New Mexico, one teacher sent a letter home to parents urging them to keep the Cheetos at home. 

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Each bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos contains 26 grams of fat and a quarter of the amount of salt that's recommended for an entire day. Experts call them "hyperpalatable," meaning highly addictive. 

It's not the first time schools have taken aim at ol' Chester Cheeto. Back in 2009, a local school ban caused a Flamin' Hot Cheetos shortage in OC, prompting KROQ's Psycho Mike to sell the snack bags on the black market in this hilarious video.

We can't really blame the kids for scarfing down those addictive puffs. Hell, we love them so much, we created this inforgraphic of 10 Things You Should Know About Flamin' Hot Cheetos
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