Saveur's "150 Classic Recipes" Has Unexpected Depth

Have you seen what Saveur has done? To commemorate their 150th issue, they've put out an indexed list of "150 Classic Recipes" from old issues. Normally, this wouldn't have gotten my attention. I figured it'd have, you know, the usual mac-n-cheese, Zuni Cafe's roast chicken, yadda yadda. But when I actually perused it, I saw a legitimate recipe for Indonesian nasi goreng in the bunch. 

I admire the idea that they've deemed it "classic", along with pork adobo, Shanghai soup dumplings, Ethiopian doro wot, and bulgogi. I like that they're not confusing "classic" with "popular".

Yes, there are some omissions. It's not a perfect list, but I applaud what they've done here. I might even buy the hard copy (which seems to have pared it down to 101).

See also:

So bravo again to Saveur for including Indonesian cuisine, which normally doesn't get much love outside of Java and the Netherlands. Just read the single comment that recipe for nasi goreng has garnered:

Just made this for lunch. Flavors were interesting but won't be replacing my go-to Chinese fried rice.

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