Wait, there's a series?!
Wait, there's a series?!
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Save the Dates: Tequila and Bacon Tasting on The Queen Mary

First of all, these are two separate events, not one excellent combination-- although how crazy would that be? Both are next month, and they also require a ticket purchase. We're giving you lots of time to plan because we're nice like that.

Let's start with the strong stuff: Herradura Tequila. The third in a series of "Barrel Dinners", guests are invited to partake in a five-course feast on August 14. Guided by Ruben Aceves, Director of International Brand Development, he doubles as your brand ambassador for the evening. He promises tastes of a Herradura Anejo, Reposado, Cognac Cast, Port Cask and a unique Queen Mary Double Barrel Reposado.

The dinner includes passed hors d'oeuvres, jalapeno crusted grouper, wild boar and blue corn tamales, braised buffalo short ribs, Champurrado pot de creme and a cigar. Takers will be charged a steep $130, but those pairings don't suck. Check out their website if you have further inquiries.

Your other excuse reason to drive into Long Beach is for their first annual Big Bite Bacon Fest. Scheduled for August 2, they plan to deliver 40+ bites from a multitude of places including Beachwood BBQ, The Donut Bar, Slater's 50/50 and The Queen Mary's own Todd Henderson. Over 10 breweries will also have selections on tap. We spotted Drake's, Lagunitas, Deschutes and Golden Road in the lineup. Prices vary, depending on what time you choose to attend and if you want VIP entry. Be sure to eat, drink and be 'Mary'!

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