Savannah Chop House's Classy Spread for Super Bowl Sunday!

Is it really the end of January? Well, if you're undecided on where to watch the Harbowl (since we shouldn't refer to the other name, per this article) this weekend, one joint has an answer.

Savannah Chop House wants to fill your belly with two polar opposite options on Sunday. Take your pick between a $24.95 "hybrid" brunch, or cheesy, fried dishes and Happy Hour cocktails all priced at $5. We're kind of surprised they're also offering a bucket of 4 brewskis for the same price. Both meals kickoff at 11 a.m.

If the term "buffet hybrid" sounds lame, we thought the same. It's actually better than your average grubfest. Apps and desserts are self-serve, while small plates are requested. That's less time standing around, and more tweeting about how badass the Ravens Niners are. Or we can dunk shrimp cocktail in peace while prime rib is being sliced to order. Hell, it's $10.95 for kids under 12-- so call it family time before you smear that war paint. The hybrid brunch link can be found here.

The lounge keeps it real with wings and bbq beef sliders, but chef Chris Tzorin includes calamari and mole enchiladas to mix it up. Sure, there's nachos and chicken tenders, but how about an order of crab, goat cheese and bacon stuffed jalapenos? Grilled artichoke? Fine. Order some spinach dip. It'll go well with the free unlimited chips and salsa. And don't forget another beer bucket.

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