Savannah at the Beach (Formerly Chimayo) Offering $10 Specials

Despite the fact that Savannah in Huntington Beach hasn't really been around for 10 years, the restaurant formerly known as Chimayo is going to celebrate its 10-year-anniversary anyway.

I guess the fact that it changed its name last year (just like Chat Noir became Savannah) is just a technicality. Same as the former sexy French madame of South Coast Plaza, Savannah at the Beach is still Chimayo in spirit.

To "celebrate", they're offering lunch and dinner specials for $10 from March 2-8. And when you can get filet mignon, 1/2 pound of King crab legs, or pan-seared halibut for ten bucks, Savannah/Chimayo can come up with whatever excuse they need.  I don't really care.  A deal's a deal.

Savannah at the Beach, 315 PCH, Huntington Beach, (714)374-7273


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