Santa Ana Says It Has Third-Best Tap Water in the World

I defend (and trash) Santa Ana more than most reporters, but one issue I thought both sides of any argument could agree on is the city's tap water--flat, cloudy, with a metallic aftertaste. It doesn't compare to the light, clear, chilly stuff that came out of hoses during my Anaheim youth, the smooth liquid I just had in San Francisco, the smoky agua drawn from centuries-old wells in my parents' home ranchos in Zacatecas.

Now comes word via The Orange County Register that the Santa Ana City Council is trumpeting its water as the third-best in the world, all because it placed third in some obscure competition that involved 35 entries--only one of which was from outside the United States.

Really? Santa Ana water? You mean this?

Since this is the food section of the


, I won't bog


Forkers TOO much down with the risible nature of Santa Ana's powers-that-be trumpeting this "achievement" while letting the city crumble. I will say, however, that SanTana has much more to celebrate culinarily than its gross-ass tap water, which we do all the time on this infernal blog. Oh, those crazy lib politicians . . .


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