Sangria at The Lost Vine Wine Bar, Our Drink of the Week!
Anne Marie Panoringan

Sangria at The Lost Vine Wine Bar, Our Drink of the Week!

Summer and sangria are as natural a pairing as pizza and beer-- they simply go hand-in-hand. When we spotted the ruby concoction on Lost Vine's wine offerings, it was fate. Our beloved refreshment was tough to get acquainted with, as its maker kept his recipe a closely guarded secret. This only made us more determined to find out more.

Owner Bodie Rasmussen's decision to expand his business not only into the adjacent space, but adjust the concept for wine lovers, was an unexpected move in the plaza at the corner of Newport and Old Irvine. On our most recent excursion, the glass container was not easily accessible. It was fetched from the depths of their wine refrigeration unit, and our order was simply ladled over crushed ice into stemless drinkware. Possibly the only time a glass of red is intentionally served chilled, we savored every drop, then ordered another. Possessing a small menu of cheese, fruit and offerings from the coffeehouse, we split a tomato basil quiche with our drinking companion.

The actual makings of a good sangria not only include red, red wine and a melange of fruit, but the flavoring of brandy and splash of carbonation. After some investigating (and buddying up to some of the staff), it's disclosed that effervescent blood orange soda and the occasional inclusion of champagne contribute to our liquid nourishment. The potency of our drink is just how we prefer it, noticeable but not overpowering. Once The Lost Vine finishes expanding their dining menu, you'll likely find us there more often than we'll admit to.

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