San Diego-Based BO-beau Kitchen + Rooftap Coming To Long Beach

San Diego-Based BO-beau Kitchen + Rooftap Coming To Long Beach

Before Belmont Shore became the neighborhood to meet up in, crowds roamed along Long Beach's Pine Avenue to socialize. It's here that San Diego-based Cohn Restaurant Group decided to plant roots for one massive restaurant concept opening in the next few months.

The name BO-beau combines the BOhemian beach culture of Ocean Beach (their original location) with beautiful, "beau" design. This is also a nod to the Cal-French cuisine served. Its kitchen + rooftap has to do with the space and beverage selection. At over 13,000 square feet, BO-beau is a double decker establishment. Upstairs will feature a beer garden serving upwards of 50 selections on draft. Rooftap? The folks at Urban Dictionary are shaking their heads.

Downstairs, the primary kitchen will be dedicated to serving patrons on street level with shareable dishes like braised short rib flatbreads and heartier steak frites. We think of it as bistro comfort food. Dual menus and over 100 varieties of vodka mean a boatload of partying can be accommodated. They've got the details down, all that's missing is an executive chef to be named.

BO-beau kitchen + rooftop will be located at 144 Pine Ave in Long Beach. For more information, visit

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