A foie gras dish (though not from Cafe Mimosa). 
A foie gras dish (though not from Cafe Mimosa). 

San Clemente Chef Says 'Foie You' To Foie Gras Ban

Obey the law? Foie-get about it. 

Hey, Dave offered a list of ways to get your foie gras on legally now that it's been outlawed in California, but some people just aren't having it. In a ballsy move, Antoine Price, owner of Cafe Mimosa in San Clemente, hosted a seven-course foie gras dinner on Monday, a day after the ban went into effect on July 1.

He called the evening's menu "Foie You!," summing up how many chefs across the state feel about the new legislation. The Orange County Register reports that the $150 meal included a foie club sandwich, a foie gras and caviar dish, and foie gras wrapped in cotton candy on a stick. Diners said it's like Prohibition all over again--for those who want it badly enough, there will always be foie gras to find.   

SB 1520 bans the production and sale of products involving force-fed birds. A restaurant that serves foie gras can be fined up to $1,000.

Price, who grew up eating foie gras in France, doesn't seem to fear potential repercussions.

"They can lock me up if they want," he told the Register. "I don't mind."

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