Drink up!
Drink up!
Courtesy of RumHaven

RumHaven Coconut Liqueur, Our Drink of the Week!

Wanna tiki, but can’t tell your Bali Hai from your Corpse Reviver? Then head over to 320 Main in Seal Beach. Too far? Hitch a ride. Don’t like strangers? Buy a bottle of RumHaven.

Coconut water ain’t my favorite beverage—too thick, with a sweetness too muddled by savoriness. But it becomes a wonderful elixir in rum, and RumHaven ups the ante in its coconut liqueur. The drink is paradise in a shot glass: refreshing, sweet, easy as-is and even easier mixed in a cocktail. RumHaven’s worth is such that Mr. Hi-Time carries it, but let’s give some love today to Grape Press Liquor, a delightful little shop fighting the good fight in Anaheim Hills, an area whose contribution to OC liquor culture was the late, great Foxfire. Bruh: get some RumHaven and those lonely MILFs will be on you like Ginger and the Professor.

Find RumHaven at the Grape Press Liquor, 464 S. Anaheim Hills Rd., Anaheim, (714) 998-2222.


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